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With over 50 years of combined experience, Wolff Properties offers a full range of services to make your real estate transaction and negotiations go smoothly.



New Construction

My experience working with top builders will help you from the ground up in making sure all details of the process and expectations are in the contract from the start. I assist with home design helping you keep in the allowances given for the best resale value. At every stage of the build process I will be there letting you know what to expect so nothing falls through the cracks. It is not a builder’s job to tell you what you need to know, so having someone who knows the process can save you not only stress, but thousands of dollars.

Home Improvement Consultant

Want to paint your house, update your kitchen, change flooring or update your light fixtures? Not sure whether to do stainless or other, tile/wood/vinyl flooring or brushed silver vs oiled brass fixtures? Your home is your bank account. If you know someday you will move, do you want to be the house that gets top dollar and sells or the one that sits on the market with continuous price reductions, because it’s “tired” from deferred maintenance and in need of updating? It’s ok if you want a purple living room but know when you go to sell you might have to change it to a more neutral color if you want a better price.

Staging Prior to Marketing

Have you looked at homes online? Have you seen the ones with cluttered rooms, generations of pictures all over the wall, dishes in the sink, bathroom vanities with all their personal stuff? Unfortunately, you only remember the “stuff” and not one thing about the nice built-in bookcases, the beautiful hardwood floors and after that I’m sure you want to run out and see it, right? NOT! Getting a home “marketable” to sell can take a lot of work for some. You have a few seconds for a potential buyer looking at your home on-line, to want to look further at your home or move on. The moment you know you want to move I help you set up a game plan of what needs to be done. Can you imagine having to move out in 30 days when you have six months of cleaning out to do? Moving is stressful enough, let me help you with some of that!


Moving to Northern Michigan? Need to know you have someone who has your family’s best interest in hand and who’s experienced in relocations? Look no further. We take care of all the details in getting you set up in your new home and make sure you have all the information for schools, businesses and any other important information you may need, so your transition to the area is as smooth as possible. Relocating out of State? As a relocation specialist, we have a network of top agents across the country that we can refer you to who will make your move effortless!

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